Tyson Gay Races to (Sorta) Record in Olympic Trials

by Lance Turner  on Sunday, Jun. 29, 2008 9:28 pm  

This story is from the archives of ArkansasSports360.com.

Former University of Arkansas runner Tyson Gay tonight sprinted the 100 meters faster than anyone -- ever -- to qualify for the Olympics. His time? 9.68 seconds. A record? Sorta:

No one ever has covered 100 meters more quickly. The previous fastest time under any conditions was 9.69, run in 1996 by Obadele Thompson, who now is married to Marion Jones.

Gay's race came with the wind blowing at 4.1 meters per second; anything above 2.0 is not allowed for record purposes.

"I didn't really care what the wind was," Gay said.

Gay has more to happy about. He's qualified for his first Summer Games team.



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